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Katie Cummer, PhD CAHP

Katie Cummer, PhD CAHP, is the Principal Heritage Consultant of Cummer Heritage Consulting (CHC), with a range of expertise and experience in the field of heritage conservation. She is an active researcher and writer, analysing a wide range of sites and structures around the province to help facilitate informed decision-making. She has provided heritage consulting services throughout British Columbia and has worked in communities on Vancouver Island, the Southern Gulf Islands, the Lower Mainland as well as in the Interior. She is able to efficiently and effectively assess sites and make appropriate recommendations for their futures. Her work includes extensive research, writing and analysis of sites; community consultations on historic places; as well as presenting to various Boards and Committees (such as Community Heritage Commissions, Councils and planning staff throughout the province). She understands the practical challenges with regards to conservation projects and is well versed in creative thinking for balancing heritage conservation needs with modern requirements. 

Ian Babbitt

Ian Babbitt is the graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for Cummer Heritage Consulting, helping to design and provide visuals for the various CHC deliverables ranging from architectural illustrations to document templates and presentation materials. With a background in archaeology, Ian is well versed in the importance of proper and thorough visual documentation; especially having worked as an archaeological excavation and small finds photographer in Jordan and documenting numerous heritage assets around the world, including in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan and the UK, among others. He has also been an event photographer, shooting concerts, performances, weddings and other such events. In addition to his design and photography work, he also has a background in Education and teaching, which has given him a distinct ability to distill down content and display it for optimal clarity and understanding. He is well versed in a full suite of design programmes, including Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, among others.

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