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Cummer Heritage Consulting (CHC) provides services in the following key areas:

Educational Outreach

As an educator, Katie has substantial experience designing and running conservation-related courses and workshops for a range of audiences. These courses and workshops have focused on a variety of topics, such as: Adaptive Reuse, Area Conservation, Cultural Mapping, the Historic Urban Landscape Approach, Research Methods, Site Interpretation, UNESCO World Heritage Designation and Writing Statements of Significance, among others.

This experience includes her role as the Founding Director of the four-year Bachelor of Arts in Conservation Degree that was offered by The University of Hong Kong (HKU), which she designed and refined over a number of years. She was twice recognised at HKU for her outstanding teaching, receiving a Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award (FOTA) in 2016 and a university-wide Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA) in 2017. These were in recognition of her achievements in curriculum development, her student-centred teaching and her use of experiential learning in her course delivery.

She was also the designer and co-leader of HKU’s Career Discovery in Architectural Conservation; a summer programme for secondary school students to learn about the heritage conservation field. Over a near decade, she has also designed, planned and run numerous Field Studies taking graduate and undergraduate students overseas to learn about the field of conservation in different contexts. Locations have included sites in: China (Hangzhou, Kaiping and Shanghai), Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia (Penang), Myanmar (Yangon), Singapore and Thailand (Amphawa and Bangkok).

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