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Cummer Heritage Consulting (CHC) provides services in the following key areas:

Heritage Planning

As a heritage consultant, Katie has worked on numerous heritage projects throughout the province of British Columbia, helping to guide the conservation of various heritage assets. Depending on the project, she researches and writes a range of reports to help inform decision-making and encourage effective planning in relation to heritage sites. She is able to efficiently and effectively analyse sites to make appropriate recommendations for their futures and is a thorough researcher and clear writer.

These reports include Heritage Assessments, Heritage Conservation Plans, Heritage Strategies and Statements of Significance, among others. Her project sites have included larger scale commercial sites, such as a mixed-use commercial and residential apartment building; industrial sites, such as a fruit packing warehouse in the Okanagan; institutional sites, such as a former courthouse building, school building and ferry building; religious buildings, including a chapel, church and cathedral; as well as numerous smaller scale residential houses.

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